Whipple Law provides vigorous litigation representation to plaintiffs and defendants in a wide variety of disputes.  We often engage in arbitration, mediation and other ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) methods when the client's interests so dictate.

Whipple Law also provides non-litigation legal services, such as day-to-day advice to businesses.  The careful preparation or review of contracts, leases, wills and other legal documents helps prevent misunderstandings and future disputes.  In providing these services, Whipple Law is committed to the principles of thorough preparation, strategic thinking and plain English explanations.

There is no charge for an 
initial consultation. Our broad experience includes the following types of legal matters:

  • Contracts & leases
  • Corporations/business entities
  • Divorce & child support
  • DUI defense
  • Employment discrimination
  • Employment disputes & severance agreements
  • Estate planning & wills
  • Intellectual property litigation
  • Probate Court proceedings
  • Product liability litigation
  • Real estate litigation/foreclosure
  • Securities litigation
  • Tort litigation
  • Unemployment compensation

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