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Public Records Policy Improved



The public records lawsuit that Whipple Law brought against the City of Cleveland Heights has helped promote positive changes in the City’s transparency.  The lawsuit alleged that the City had failed to conduct a necessary public hearing on the controversial Taylor Road rehabilitation project and that it took months to release public records that should have been produced within a matter of days.  The City eventually paid thousands of dollars to settle the lawsuit and avoid a public trial.  

The City Manager and Law Director who engaged in the conduct that the lawsuit criticized no longer work for the City.

In an article recently published in Cleveland.com and the Sun News the new City Manager, Tanisha Briley, pointed to recent initiatives that demonstrate a commitment to openness and transparency.  The article quoted Ms. Briley as saying:  “These programs are just the beginning of more to come this year.”

Residents of Cleveland Heights have been pressing the city government for years to enhance its accountability and open communications.  Many of these citizens gave their moral support to this public records lawsuit that apparently has been a wake-up call for City Hall insiders.  While the recent changes are to be commended, Whipple Law will continue to advocate for additional improvements in the City’s public records policies and practices that are long overdue.

Legal Help for Guardians

Whipple Law provides legal help for guardians of minors and incompetent adults. Doug Whipple has served as a guardian himself, as well as counsel for many guardians. He represents interested parties in Probate Court guardianship litigation.  Mr. Whipple has completed the "Fundamentals of Adult Guardianship" training sponsored by the Ohio Supreme Court Judicial College, and other related courses. He has a particular interest in protecting mentally deficient adults who are the victims of exploitation and undue influence.