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Top Rated Lawyer Douglas Whipple 2017

Nonprofit Sought Strategies for Success

5-24-16 G.W.    Our group is a small and recently formed nonprofit in the midst of reorganization. We had several personnel and organizational situations requiring immediate attention with which we needed legal advice and representation. … Our group was referred to Mr. Whipple, due to his nonprofit board expertise, both from a litigation standpoint and his experience serving with nonprofit organizations. Mr. Whipple contacted us promptly, asked good questions to assess the issues at hand and provided sound recommendations and options to help us take action to address our concerns. Mr. Whipple is an effective communicator, using email, telephone and texting to stay involved and to provide support on a prompt basis. He also works to resolve seemingly complex problems by clarifying and simplifying information into workable pieces. With his assistance, Mr. Whipple has aided our group in making necessary organizational changes, as well as helping us to retool and reorganize. These steps will potentially prevent our group from experiencing a reoccurrence of our current dilemma.   

Large Scale Real Estate Fraud Litigation Brought to Successful Conclusion

7-5-16 L.J.    I endorse this lawyer. Attorney Whipple has both skills and courage to tackle big cases and difficult cases. Be it motion practice or argument in the courts, Mr. Whipple delivers quality legal work and produces the desired result.

Lawsuit Defense Victory, Home Saved

7-20-16 P.S.    The BEST of the best! I want to start by saying that Douglas Whipple is a WORLD CLASS Attorney. His level of expertise, professionalism and attention to detail is far beyond what I could have hoped for. After interviewing six different law firms in Cuyahoga County, it was clear that Mr. Whipple was the man for the job. My legal situation as DEFENDANT was extremely unique and complicated, we were dealing with an extremely aggressive ... plaintiff, had we lost the case, I would have literally lost my home. ... Mr. Whipple created a clear, concise and strong defense from day one. He left no stone unturned ... The case went to trial which lasted three days and that's where you can really tell the difference between a good lawyer and a great one. Mr. Whipple argued the case like a pro, I mean without exaggeration it was like watching Johnny Cochran, F. Lee Bailey, Gloria Allred etc. That's the level of representation you're going to get with Mr. Whipple. ... After deliberation the jury came back with an almost unanimous verdict!  We won the case.  I cannot thank Mr. Whipple enough and I would HIGHLY recommend anyone to hire him for ANY of your legal needs. ... He is more than worth his fee, more importantly he has a passion for law. Don't waste your time looking any further. 

Resolving Corporate Issues Brings Business Growth and Success

8-18-16 T.H.    Douglas Whipple has been our Business/Corporate Attorney for almost 20 years. Over the course of this time period he has shown an incredible breadth of experience in Corporate, Civil, Criminal and Governmental related legal matters. Our company has confronted a variety of legal issues as we have grown and diversified our portfolio over the years. ... His extensive knowledge and experience match or surpass that of any larger firm in town. Doug and his staff are quick to respond to our legal needs and do an excellent job of keeping us informed as our legal issues are sorted out. ... Doug and his staff are extremely knowledgeable, professional, time conscious, compassionate, fair and determined to resolve our legal matters in our best interests. I can truly say they keep us on our toes and help us focus on being a successful business with their handling of our legal affairs. As a company that has grown from a small to a medium sized business over the years we are incredibly lucky to have had Doug advising us on our legal matters and helping us become the company we are today. Any company would be fortunate to have Doug Whipple on their side!

Company Protected from Aggressive TV Coverage

7-24-17 C.T.    Douglas Whipple is an excellent attorney. He has been very helpful and thorough with his advice and was very supportive throughout our interactions. Great insight and committed to being as helpful as possible. Good to have him on your side!

Quick Dismissal for Mis-Identified Client with Common Name

1-10-18 W.F.    Doug provided professional and helpful legal advice and informed me well in a surprising legal situation. He was very responsive and knowledgeable in his communications and expedited the resolution of the case with his connections with other lawyers in the Cleveland area. I would highly recommend Doug to anyone seeking legal assistance.

Top Rated Lawyers in Real Estate 2017 Plain Dealer Douglas Whipple

Employment Contract Simplified

3-10-18 J.B.    Doug was great to work with. Very thorough and professional. He reviewed the contract I got from my potential employer, reviewed it step by step with me, gave me his opinions in clear and concise language, and helped me figure out how to negotiate with my employer to make changes. He also reviewed the revised version and gave me some useful feedback a second time. I would definitely recommend Doug if you are in need of employment law assistance.